From Be-MINT Scholar to a $8000 Worth Tertiary education scholarship

Toluwalase David Adeniyi’s story is one of dedication, opportunity, and continuous growth. A graduate of the Be-MINT program, a project by EAE, Toluwalase has leveraged the initiative’s support to embark on a journey that combines his passion for technology with valuable real-world experience.

Toluwalase’s journey wasn’t limited to academia. He actively sought practical experience by interning at Eden Acres Integrated Organic Farm, a food processing company. This internship, fueled by the skills and work ethic he acquired through the Be-MINT program, proved invaluable. Toluwalase discovered a natural ease in the food processing environment, highlighting the importance of on-the-job experiences in shaping career aspirations.

After the program Toluwalase’s path began with securing a $8000 worth of scholarship at a private university with international connections in Lagos state. This opportunity, facilitated by Be-MINT project manager, Lucy Chioma Aniagolu, is a testament to the program’s commitment to empowering young tech scholars and helping them reach their full potential. Mrs. Aniagolu’s dedication to searching out opportunities for alumni showcases the program’s focus on long-term career development.

Currently, Toluwalase is an intern with a team of tech enthusiasts while he awaits school resumption. This experience allows him to earn valuable income while simultaneously expanding his skillset in online knowledge and graphic design. This commitment to continuous learning exemplifies Toluwalase’s dedication to personal and professional growth. He embodies the spirit of Be-MINT graduates – individuals empowered to not only excel in the tech space but also to adapt and thrive in various sectors.

Toluwalase David Adeniyi’s journey is still unfolding. He showcases the transformative power of the Be-MINT program and highlights the importance of mentorship, practical experience, and continuous learning. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring young professionals, demonstrating that dedication, coupled with strategic opportunities, can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career path.

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