The Inspiring Journey of Olalekan Emmanuel Olaoye After BeMint

Olalekan Emmanuel Olaoye, embarked on a remarkable journey following his participation in the Bemint program. Graduating from BeMint in June 2023, Olalekan wasted no time in making significant strides in his academic and professional endeavors.

Just two months after completing the Bemint program, in August 2023, Olalekan assumed the prestigious role of Software Director at the University of Ilorin’s Information Technology department. His rapid ascent to this leadership position speaks volumes about his exemplary leadership and technical prowess, both of which were honed during his time at Bemint.

In January 2024, Olalekan’s journey took another exciting turn when he was selected as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador at the University of Ilorin. This prestigious appointment underscores Olalekan’s commitment to promoting the use of Microsoft technologies among students and fostering a vibrant technical community on campus. His application process for the Microsoft Ambassadorship, which began shortly after networking at the Bemint graduation ceremony in June 2023, where he learnt how to use Microsoft tools like word, PowerPoint, and excel, culminated in his acceptance after three months of anticipation.

Building on his passion for financial literacy and education, Olalekan also seized the opportunity to become a Cowrywise Campus Ambassador at Unilorin in December 2023. Leveraging the financial literacy skills imparted by Bemint, Olalekan now educates fellow students about finance, investments, and sound monetary decisions.

Olalekan’s professional journey extends beyond academia, as he has made significant contributions to various startups and organizations. Serving as a Technical Secretariat for the largest Oil downstream conference in Africa, OTL Africa, and assisting startups like coresnack, nobr, and kultuur in enhancing their online presence and business growth, Olalekan has demonstrated his versatility and expertise in diverse domains.

Furthermore, Olalekan plays a pivotal role as the Technical Co-Lead of GDSC Unilorin, the largest Google Developer Student Clubs community in Nigeria. His leadership and technical acumen, cultivated through BeMint’s comprehensive curriculum, empower him to drive positive change and innovation within the tech community.

Olalekan’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of Bemint in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. As he seeks an internship placement for his Industrial Training (IT/SIWES) at a reputable tech company like Microsoft, Olalekan’s exemplary track record and unwavering determination position him as a standout candidate in the tech industry.

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