On the 4th of March, 2024, The Expereimento 10+ training was launched at the training center of the Empowering Africans through education initiative. The training started at 9am with a Welcome address from the Experimento Nigeria Project Manager, Angel Benson. During the introduction, She welcomed teachers from various schools, introduced the Experimento project and the outline of activities within the project scope.

After the introduction from the Project manager, The teachers took turns to introduce themselves and the school they represent. After this there was a baseline assessment of the teachers knowledge. During this process, Teachers were supported with guidance on how to go about it through the interns, administrative team and other staff of Empowering Africans through Education initiative.

The partnering facilitators facilitators from the University of Lagos were introduced to the teachers, after which the facilitators laid down the rules of engagement to guide the class. Mrs. Toyin, one of the facilitators started the class by introducing teachers to the attitudes to hands on science teaching within the classroom and this included a deep dive into cooperative learning. Teachers took turns to ask questions on these topic and there was a tea break for networking.

When the tea break was over we received guest from SIemens Energy Nigeria; Clement Abu – Area Sales Manager, Ibrahim Olakunle – Executive Assistant and Abolade Samuel – Project Manager. The Guest took turns to speak to the teachers and also shared perspective on why they are part of the project.

The training session also featured a hands-on energy experiment focusing on storing heat from water. Teachers delved into various topics, including the effectiveness of water as a heat store, the science behind heat packs, and the role of molten salt in heat storage.

As the day concluded, teachers were inspired to embark on their journey of implementing innovative teaching methodologies in their classrooms. They left the training session with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of empowerment, ready to make a positive impact on their students’ lives through experiential learning.

The Experimento 10+ training kickoff in Lagos shows our collective commitment to empowering African educators with the knowledge and resources needed to foster innovative and experiential learning environments. Empowering Africans through Education initiative remains dedicated to supporting educators and students alike, driving impactful change across the educational landscape in Africa.

Sustainable development through S.T.E.M/M.I.N.T education.

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