In a technology-driven world, understanding scientific and technological interrelationships is paramount for responsible societal development, hence Experimento!

Our Experimento Nigeria program is specially designed for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The Experimento Nigeria Kit contains about 130 science practical experiments, a manual, and over 10,000 items that can train up to 150 students at the same time.

The topics covered include areas in energy, health, and the environment. These are areas that are relevant to Nigeria’s future development. Furthermore, these experiments motivate students to raise questions about science & technology, develop value-based behaviors & responsibilities, and transfer lessons learned to their personal lives.

-In a nutshell-

Experimento! is an international education program that prioritizes inquiry-based learning. It offers educators practical tools and training for preschool, elementary and secondary learners.

To break it down, Experimento is essentially a lab in a box with Experiments that covers 3 major areas: Energy, Health, and the Environment.

It provides new methods for top-notch science and technology education through teacher training.

Experimento provides educators with practical training and continuing education opportunities as well as high-quality teaching and learning materials.

The training and materials help educators craft modern and exciting experiments based on experimental classroom lessons.

The materials for Experimento! include items that are part of our everyday lives, making it easy for students to better relate to such experiments.