EAE Scholarship Scheme

Cushioning the drastic effects of COVID-19

Education is known to enable upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Basic education is the foundation upon which other levels of education are built and a requirement for human and national progress. It is fundamental to human and national development.

To cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the vulnerable members of our host communities and ensure children remain in school, the management of Empowering Africans Through Education Initiative (EAEI) is introducing the “EAE Scholarship Scheme” as a means to support deserving pupils who are academically promising but economically disadvantaged.

The pupils are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Each pupil is expected to be currently enrolled in primary/basic 4 or 5 as at the time of the nomination
  • A pupil who is economically disadvantaged but have a good academic record
  • A pupil who has an interest in sciences.
  • A pupil with a good attendance record.

The scholarship offers the following:

  1. School Support: provision of basic school needs such as books, stationaries, school uniform, etc. This addresses the sustainable development goal 4.
  2. Nutritional Support: this will ensure that the beneficiaries and members of their family by extension have access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food. This addresses the sustainable development goal 2.
  3. Health Insurance: through this, the beneficiaries will have access to quality essential healthcare services. This addresses the sustainable development goal 3.