Mujisatullahi Bakare’s Remarkable Journey

Mujisatullahi Bakare recently became the RAIN-INN Lead for Lagos State University of Science and Technology, marking a significant achievement in her life. Her story shows how determination and hard work can lead to great success. Empowering Africans is excited to share her journey.

Mujisatullahi’s passion for technology began early. After finishing secondary school, she was chosen for the BEMINT program by Empowering Africans. She excelled in the training sessions, earning an internship with Solidarity Plus. This experience gave her valuable hands-on knowledge and helped shape her future career.

After the internship at Solidarity Plus, Mujisatullahi joined MOB Technologies as a Design Lead. She showed excellent leadership and design skills, making significant contributions to the company’s projects. Her hard work and innovative ideas quickly earned her respect and recognition.

Later, Mujisatullahi moved to Creavate Tech as a Program Lead. Here, she led various programs and inspired her team, encouraging creativity and innovation. Her ability to handle complex projects strengthened her reputation as a strong leader in the tech industry.

Now, as the RAIN-INN Lead at Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Mujisatullahi is ready to achieve even more. Supported by Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN), she aims to drive innovation and help others through technology. Her new role is a recognition of her past achievements and her potential to lead important initiatives.

Mujisatullahi Bakare’s journey is an inspiration for many young Africans, especially women, who aspire to succeed in the tech industry. With her drive and commitment, she will continue to break barriers and set new standards.

Empowering Africans celebrates Mujisatullahi’s success and looks forward to her future accomplishments. Her story reminds us that with passion, dedication, and hard work, anything is possible.

The BEMINT program by Empowering Africans laid the foundation for Mujisatullahi’s success. It provided her with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities crucial to her journey. Empowering Africans is proud to highlight stories like hers and looks forward to sharing more inspiring journeys of Africans making a difference.

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