Lydia’s Journey from Bemint to Microsoft

At just 18 years old, Lydia Solomon Ebunoluwa is already making waves in the tech industry. Having completed her secondary school education at Government College Ikoyi, Lydia’s journey took an exciting turn when she was accepted into the prestigious BeMINT program. Lydia’s exceptional performance earned her the title of the best graduating female of her batch, Foxtrot. Little did she know that this opportunity would pave the way for an incredible internship experience at Microsoft.

It was through the BeMINT Alumni group on Whatsapp that Lydia first learned about the internship opportunity at Microsoft. Thanks to a recommendation from Miss Chioma The Bemint project manager at Empowering Africans, Lydia wasted no time in applying for the position. Her enthusiasm for Microsoft and her determination to succeed shone through in her application, and she was thrilled when she received the news of her acceptance.

The internship at Microsoft was a transformative experience for Lydia. Over the course of a month, she immersed herself in coding, 3D design, and other cutting-edge technologies. With her transportation and feeding expenses covered, Lydia was able to fully focus on her learning and development during the program.

As a BeMINT alumni, Lydia credits the program with providing her with a solid foundation in tech and opening doors to exciting opportunities like the Microsoft internship. She is grateful for the support and guidance she received throughout her journey and is determined to continue honing her coding and designing skills.

In addition to her internship success, Lydia recently received admission into the University of Lagos to study Insurance. With her sights set on a bright future in both tech and academia, Lydia Solomon Ebunoluwa is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. Her journey from BeMINT to Microsoft internship is a testament to her talent, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This is a great testament to the impact Bemint Had on fresh out of secondary school student.

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