Hybrid Learning & Social Media

In a bid to promote hybrid learning, it is imperative to note that social media tools like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Inc., etc. which are mostly seen as a source of distraction & a waste of time can serve as effective tools for classroom participation and also be used to expand the boundaries of learning. For instance, the organizational structure of Twitter makes it an effective tool for connecting with students online and getting passive students to become active.

As the world continues to evolve, educators need to keep themselves abreast of the new trends and stay up-to-date to remain relevant. By so doing, they can hone their creative skills, revolutionize learning, and transform the learning experience of their students.

We have seen educators in Nigeria use social media as a tool for teaching. A typical example is a teacher from a Lagos public school who helped students across the country, and internationally, learn math virtually in the course of the lockdown.


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