Day 2: Siemens Energy Funded Experimento Training in Lagos

For the second day of the training. the teachers were exposed to Experiments on energy. This includes learning about fruits and vegetable batteries. The class started with introduction to Lemon batteries, and then covered the role each element played. After the theoretical explanation, the teachers had to replicate the practical process by themselves in groups. They took reading and engaged among themselves on possible questions students can ask while addressing how to respond to them. there was a short tea break afterwards for teachers to network and engage among themselves.

The tea break ended and a class on cooperative learning resumed. Teachers were introduced to the PIGS FACE elements of cooperative learning and then went back to the practical classes on boosting battery performance, spontaneous copper plating and the usage of the professional zinc copper battery .Evaporation of heat was another exciting class that was covered with the use of wet cotton pad. To end the class for the day teachers were introduced to solar cells: voltage current and power. This last session covered solar cells in parallel and in series, deep dived into how they behave and how best they can be optimized.

After the class there was an evaluation of the class , before launch which led to the closing of the class.

Sustainable development through S.T.E.M/M.I.N.T education.

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