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Well, I stand with them for the obvious damages that could cause.

Career education mean different things to different people, to some it means directing a child towards a particular career, to some it could mean career advice and more… to some it could mean all of these and in my opinion, these are unnecessary for kids whose aspirations should be very tentative and wide ranged.

Career education shouldn’t be about career advice but should focus on career related learning “Broadening horizons and raising aspirations, giving children a wide range of experiences of the world including the world of work. It is about opening doors, showing children the vast range of possibilities open to them and helping to keep their options open for as long as possible. And there is a range of attributes, skills, and behaviors that can be encouraged in this early stage of a child’s life that will leave them in the best possible position as they begin their transitions to secondary education and to future life.” Nick Chambers

Children should be introduced to the world of work as it increases motivation to work hard bringing more relevance to their learning, challenges stereotyping (gender, race etc) about jobs and school subjects and broadens aspirations.

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The World’s Future; Technology https://empoweringafricans.org/the-worlds-future-technology/ https://empoweringafricans.org/the-worlds-future-technology/#comments Mon, 10 Feb 2020 12:25:46 +0000 https://empoweringafricans.org/?p=1503 The future of the World, they say is Technology and that is obviously seen with the inventions of machines and robots used in different sectors such as health, agriculture, communication, entertainment etc. Some countries such as China, Finland, Rwanda and their likes have invested in building a sustainable development by imbibing advanced technology in their educational system where they teach even the least grade some level of technology.

As a Nigerian, the question is; If the future of the world is technology, where do we place ourselves in the future? Probably not in the world

So, this child in basic 4 told me she recently changed her school and her new school has a computer lab with 25 laptops. Her excitement was enough for 24 more to share satisfyingly, she resumes school and about 3 weeks into resumption the excitement had perished and she blamed it on the school and the teachers for not letting them operate the laptops for fear of them spoiling it.

This led me to making my own investigations with some other schools of such standard and it appeared they were a lot alike. Having these facilities for fancy and show-off and nothing more. But then what can the government do about these when government owned schools are “nothing to write home about” neither are they concerned about education.

Source: LagTutor

Now, if you’ve ever visited a public school in Nigeria you can testify to its population. Imagine these schools had the facilities needed with conducive learning environments and well trained teachers who are duly paid. A good percentage of Nigeria’s population would have access to better education and be exposed to technology at an early stage which would bring about sustainable development in the country’s economy and general growth. Giving us a place in the race of the future.

Things are evolving, technology is advancing. New phones with better functions emerge every now and then in Nigeria market, systems, appliances, machines and virtually none are made in Nigeria by Nigerians. Education should also be affected by this change which would better the future of Nigeria and its citizens for a really long period of time.

Students need to be equipped with appropriate STEM skills that teach them practical ways to use technology building up their creativity and problem solving skills for the modern world of today and the future. Exploring devices, mobile apps and languages to contribute to their needed skills.

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(Un)healthy Rage https://empoweringafricans.org/unhealthy-rage/ https://empoweringafricans.org/unhealthy-rage/#respond Thu, 30 Jan 2020 10:00:00 +0000 https://empoweringafricans.org/?p=1496 Maryam Sanda the new “talk of the town” sentenced to death by Hanging for the murder of her husband late Bilyaminu Bello who is said to be the son and nephew to top politicians in Nigeria.

No, I’m not here to take sides neither is my focus on the case. However I sympathize with the child who would likely grow up to hear of the sad events that led to how she was denied the love and care only parents can provide.

My focus rather is on the Country’s health system and the need for our leaders to be able to come up with reasonable solutions.

A lot of crimes such as this were committed in anger but sadly a lot of Nigerians don’t believe or buy this opinion just as we didn’t think depression was a thing until people started committing suicide in various ways and our leaders thought it best to put a ban on sales of sniper which was becoming the most common. This ban made no difference as people devised other ways to take their own lives including jumping into lagoons, wells, drinking detergents and bleach in some cases mixed with soft drinks etc.

angry, frustrated woman source: @shanti

Anger is a a normal and even healthy emotion but if not managed could take a toll on ones health and life generally. A death sentence is not enough to stop or reduce crimes such as this, our leaders should invest in our health systems and facilities. More people should be trained on handling citizens who suffer depression, anger and issues that affect our mental health instead.

We should learn from Countries with low crime rates such as Finland, Norway, Netherlands and their likes and apply same principles and watch how crime rate drops massively.

Michael Moore

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What Every Child Needs For Good Mental Health https://empoweringafricans.org/what-every-child-needs-for-good-mental-health/ Mon, 27 Jan 2020 21:22:06 +0000 https://empoweringafricans.org/?p=1477 It is easy for parents to identify their child’s physical needs: nutritious food, warm clothes when it’s cold, bedtime at a reasonable hour. However, a child’s mental and emotional needs may not be as obvious. Good mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills. Additionally, good friends and encouraging words from adults are all important for helping children develop self confidence, high self-esteem, and a healthy emotional outlook on life.

Love, security and acceptance should be at the heart of family life. Children need to know that your love does not depend on his or her accomplishments.

Mistakes and/or defeats should be expected and accepted. Confidence grows in a home that is full of unconditional love and affection.

Encourage Children to Play

To children, play is just fun. However, playtime is as important to their development as food and good care. Playtime helps children be creative, learn problem-solving skills and learn self-control. Good, hardy play, which includes running and yelling, is not only fun, but helps children to be physically and mentally healthy.

Children Need Playmates

Sometimes it is important for children to have time with their peers. By playing with others, children discover their strengths and weaknesses, develop a sense of belonging, and learn how to get along with others. Consider finding a good children’s program through neighbors, local community centers, schools, or your local park and recreation department.

Child Marriage And The Girl Child https://empoweringafricans.org/child-marriage-and-the-girl-child/ Mon, 27 Jan 2020 21:12:14 +0000 https://empoweringafricans.org/?p=1475 Child marriage has been a topic of interest in Nigeria especially since Senator Yerima married a 13year old. It has been debated on national levels and locally and is most practiced amongst the Northerners in Nigeria.

Now, this is not to raise (un)settled dust but has anyone realized that Child Marriage is tilted to one side? It shouldn’t be termed Child Marriage but “Girl Child Marriage”

This is because I don’t see any 13-year old boy married off to a woman old enough to his mother,I don’t even see 13year old boys getting married to a girl their age. But a 13-17year old girl married a man 30-40 years older and is made to have babies. If you ask me that’s “a baby babying a baby.

Their lives are paused, they get older than their age, they suffer diseases, drop out of school to marry a man as old as their fathers(for those who were in school)

These acts are not based on reducing the rate of fornication or unwanted pregnancies as some claim but this wicked act is fuelled by gender discrimination/inequality, poverty, illiteracy, insecurity and a failed Justice system and would as well breed bad blood such as; hunger, diseases, depression, illiteracy and death-generation to generation.

Education is the greatest weapon to fight against this evil, empower the girl child, she’s a child and not a bride.